space for action

space for action

my practice-based PhD thesis in interaction design drew on experiences from several projects: Avatopia, the Video Sandbox, Runecast, Emotional Puppettheatre and Blue Fish. It also discussed narratives in digital media in the light of the “narrativity turn” and orality studies, criticised the (politically charged and artistically naive) then abundant discourse of “total immersion” and “freedom for the reader” – instead elaborating on notions of agency, collaboration, playfulness, imagination.

Gislén, Ylva (2003) Rum för handling. Kollaborativt berättande i digitala medier. (2003)  (Space for Action. Collaborative Narrative in Digital Media) diss

an “abstract version” of the dissertation in English, based on a lecture held at the University of Gothenburg in 2005:

Gislén, Ylva (2007) “Playful Stories and Risky Proposals” in ArtMonitor 1/2007 p. 29-43

part of the overview and arguments on narrativity in relation to interaction design can be found in:

Gislén, Ylva (2003) “Heroines, Satyres and Sacres Woods: Notes on Narrativity in Interaction Design” in Ehn, Pelle & Jonas Löwgren (ed) Searching Voices: Towards a Canon for Interaction Design, School of Art and Communication, Malmö University, Malmö: p 55-72