a mano

a mano

During 2004-2018 I supervised a total of 7 practice based/artistic PhDprojects, 5 of them towards an artistic PhD degree.

Petra Fransson (2018) Omförhandlingar. Kropp, replik, etik. (Renegotiations. Body, Line, Ethics.) Diss. Theatre Academy Malmö, Lund University

Janna Holmstedt (2017)  Are You Ready for a Wet Live-In? Explorations into Listening, Diss. Umeå Art Academy/Lund University

Kirsi Nevanti (2017) In Real Life (or Elsewhere), Diss. Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts/Lund University.

Karin Ehrnberger (2017) Tillblivelser. En trasslig berättelse om design som normkritisk praktik. (Becomings. An Entangled Story About Design as a Norm-critical Practice) Diss. KTH, Stockholm

Christina Ouzounidis (2016) Tvivel. Replikernas poetik (Doubt. The poetics of Lines) Diss. Theatre Academy Malmö, Lund University, published by Glänta, Gothenburg

Karin Hansson (2015) Accomodating differences; power, belonging and representation online. Diss. Department of Computer and System Sciences, Stockholm University

Kent Sjöström (2007) Skådespelaren i handling: strategier för tanke och kropp (the actor in action; strategies for mind and body) Diss. Theatre Academy Malmö, Lund University, published by Carlsson, Stockholm